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Company Management

Best Financial Management Software plays an important role in managing company specific tasks. With the help of our financial management software you are facilitated with following excellent software features:

  • Accounting software enables you to easily maintain and manage multiple companies accounting information simultaneously at a single place.
  • E-accounting Software provides user and administrator login facilities to grant or revoke permissions set and Freeze date option to prevent from unauthorized user access.
  • You are provided with useful company management options like create new company, open an existing company, delete Company, backup and close company to be dealt with.
  • Company management software suits to fit needs of home-based business to large enterprises.
  • You can easily and efficiently access company information without any complexity in a sophisticated way.
Account Management

Provides accurate and timely key financial and statistical information required by each category of user to make day to day and short term decisions. Financial accounting software is enriched with following features-

  • Business software lets you effectively retrieve or access customer, vendor, stock and all transaction details (including various vouchers like sale/purchase, payment/ receipt voucher, production voucher, debit / credit note etc) in an easy way.
  • Account management software supports you to quickly record and save transaction details between specific time intervals to check your business performance or growth during particular span of time.
  • Accountancy software is bundled with the efficient functionality to define account groups (like bank, cash, assets, liability and more), nature of account (debit / credit), Dr / Cr limit and more utilities.
  • Administrator and user are given permission sets to add, save, modify or delete an account depending upon business requirement.
Inventory Management

Billing and inventory management software has highly interactive and cost-effective services to maintain and manage the stock of goods in financial and accounting department of the organization. Inventory management software contributes following support-

  • Inventory Tracking Software accurately manages and maintains reports on Sale and purchase of goods, Production detail, Accounts records (Day book, Bank book, Cash book, Debit-credit note report, Journal book), Billings records, Stock records and Ledger reports (Profit-loss reports, Trial balance and Balance sheets).
  • Helps in maintaining balance of stock available in your firm or company.
  • Efficiently keep your inventory information organized and generates vouchers of material in and out to bring the clarity while dealing with inventory management.
Reports Management

Report management software deals with tracking and reporting financial activities to know your business growth so that you can plan out necessary activities which will help you in improving your business performance. Inventory Tracking Software supports following features-

  • Accounting software services manages and maintains the financial transaction record and provides the detailed printout report of all the daily business activities taking place in your company including Final Report, Accounts report, Stock report, Sale/Purchase Report, Production report etc to let you know financial health of your business.
  • Successfully generates accurate report of Balance sheet, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss account.
  • You can easily access the information about transaction occurred between specific time period like day wise, month wise, yearly, quarterly etc to calculate total business performance.
  • Report Management shows overall picture of financial health that result in reduced redundancy.
Employee Management

With the use of Employee Planner Software any business organization can easily schedule and manage their staff or employee day-to-day shift schedule, trips, vacations and leaves status and similar scheduling task in the easiest way.

  • Maintains employee incoming-outgoing timing records.
  • Maintains employee attendance records.
  • Maintains staff shifts records.
  • Maintains employee leave records.
  • Maintains tour and training details of staff.
Payroll Management

Software effectively manages Company Payroll process in less time and will provide your business with accurate and up-to-date salary details with wages, bonuses and deductions information in real time.

  • Maintains employee payroll details.
  • Easily provides list of employees and their salaries.
  • Easily view complete payroll details.
  • Flexible settings to update payroll settings.
  • Generate payslip with salary details.
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